Hai Phong Women's Union responds to Action Month for Environment and World Environmental Day (June 5

Responding to the Environmental Action Month and the World Environmental Day (June 5), Hai Phong City Women's Union launched a campaign in Kien An District, Hai Phong City, attracting thousands of women and Women’s Union members.

During recent times, Hai Phong Women's Union at all levels has carried out many practical activities such as communication and mobilization of women to improve their awareness in preserving clean water sources and the living environment of the family as well as the community. Women are managing hundreds of routes, self-management lanes, cleaning alley and street, cleaning sewerage and bush clearance etc. The City Women's Union has implemented many projects like the Revolving Fund for Sanitation, repairing houses, helping women members to upgrade W.C, sullage system, building clean, airy and hygienic houses.


Right after the launch ceremony, hundreds of women and Women’sUnion members took part in cleaning Tran Thanh Ngo and Phan Dang Luu routes in Kien An District.


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Translated by Int'l Relations Department