Karatedo: Hoang Ngan wins Paris Open contest

Vietnamese karateist Nguyen Hoang Ngan won a gold medal in women’s kata event of the Paris Open contest on January 20 and 21, reported the Sports Daily.

The newspaper said Hoang Ngan, who won a silver medal at the 15th Asian Games in 2006, showed her top form as she outplayed Sanja Nikolic from Macedonia, Samantha Cannon from the UK, winning 5-0. The Vietnamese then gained a complete win of 5-0 over Katarina Vadovicova from Canada in the semi-finals.

In the final o­n January 21, Hoang Ngan continued her top form, beating Scarlett Riera from Venezuela 4-1.

After a failure at the 15th Asian Games, Hoang Ngan worked very hard in preparation for international contest in 2007, especially the 24th SEA Games.

The 2007 Paris Open was the first international contest, Hoang Ngan has joined in 2007 alongside 400 athletes from 28 countries and territories.

Nhan Dan