Lena And “Made in Viet Nam”

Lena Hermann, a 25-year-old German student, has just inaugurated a photo exhibition of the Vietnamese people and their country titled “Made in Viet Nam” in the University of Berlin, Germany.

The exhibition’s 200 or so photographs, in both color and black and white, portray the perceptions of daily life in Viet Nam that she acquired during her visit to this country.


Lena also introduced 10 architectural projects by Vietnamese students of the University of Architecture in Ha Noi. She will likely return to Viet Nam at the beginning of 2007 to participate in an exhibition by these students.


The exhibition “Made in Viet Nam” has been very successful in Germany. The love and dedication Lena has for Viet Nam and its people is clearly expressed through her works.


“Almost every Vietnamese person I know is very kind and friendly”, she said. The inspiration for the project came to her 2 years ago when she saw photos that had been taken in Viet Nam.


 Ảnh minh họa

 A photo portrayed Viet Nam's landscape by Lena is displayed in the "Made in Viet Nam"

All of the photos in the exhibit were taken in Viet Nam during her 5 month stay here. She carefully consulted with her Vietnamese friends before selecting the photos to be displayed.


She was never worried that a cultural or geographical gap between Germany and Viet Nam would make her exhibition unsuccessful - she always believed people in Berlin would love the photos and she was right.


“I want to exhibit these photos in Ha Noi and some other places in Germany if I can find a sponsor”, she said.


In January, 2007, ten of Lena’s photos will be displayed in an exhibit featuring the work of the students of the University of Architecture in Ha Noi. 

Translated by SGGP