McQueen rockers to rouse Vietnam

The rock queens of the McQueen music group will bring down Military Zone 7’s stadium in Ho Chi Minh City and rock Vietnamese rock fans with their performances on the musical night called U-Nite 07.

The four beautiful and enthusiastic members, Leah Dours, Hayley Cramer, Cat de Casanove and Sophie Taylor, are determined to conquer rock-lovers’ hearts with their unique style of performing. The group is also preparing for a landing in Europe in 2007.


At this event, besides McQueen, which is known worldwide for the album “Break the Silence”, which was released earlier this year, audiences will be entertained by performances by the German-Korean group known as Krypteria, which thrilled rock fans in Ho Chi Minh City in May 2006. Vietnamese singer Phuong Thanh and rock singer Anh Khoa will also participate in the rock music evening.


Formed in November 2003, McQueen has broken prejudice against women with their own style of grunge rock. 

People’s Army Newspaper