Quoc Binh’s Collection to Be Introduced in Hue Festival

60 modern dresses, made of silk, oganza and velvet with main colors of yellow, blue and pink, inspired by the Hue Imperial Palace architecture’s carving flowery patterns, will be presented in Hue Festival on Ngoc Dich Lake, Dai Noi (Imperial city).

The collection’s special characters are the impressive combination between modern designs and ancient decorative flowery patterns of the court architectural art.

The dresses, which are embroidered sophisticatedly with images of dragon, phoenix and kylin and blossoming apricot, orchid, daisy, ivory bamboo and ancient pattern by gold-lamé threads, are expected to attract visitors in Hue Festival.

Especially, the stage is set o­n Ngoc Dich Lake nearby the Thai Binh Lau where the kings would usually relax or do some reading in olden times, which is very suitable for the collection.

The fashion show will take place o­n June 4- 10, 2006. It is o­ne of special cultural activities in Hue Festival 2006.