Southern provincial Women’s Unions’ Conference for realizing 2005 Environment Protection Program

The Conference was held in Ho Chi Minh City in 27-29 May, 2005. Attending the Conference were arround 80 participants representing Women’s Unions (WU) at different levels in southern provinces of Vietnam (from Da Nang city Southward).

The Party’s and State’s directive documents relating to environment issues were disseminated to the participants by resource persons from Ho Chi Minh City National University, Central Vietnam Women’s Union, New Technology Association; Basic knowledge o­n environment protection and impact of environment to women’s health and beauty were also provided for the participants.


A number of major activities o­n 2005 environment protection in 2005 were discussed and agreed upon among participants, some of which are enhancing information, education and communication, mobilizing community’s involvement in environment protection in various forms, including movement for a clean environment, festival of outstanding activists who have merit in building up villages of culture, health and environment sanitation, movement for a green, clean and nice environment...


At the conference, participants also shared their experiences in setting up community-based environment protection models, such as Soc Trang WU’s model of improved stove, Khanh Hoa WU’s model of building up villages of culture, health and environment sanitation, Binh Phuoc WU’s model of hygienic breeding facilities for women of ethnic minority groups, Vinh Long WU’s model of clean water tank....


Representatives from 32 southern provincial/city WUs pledged themselves to implement effectively the 2005 environment protection program by registering for replication and build-up community-based environment protection models appropriate to their own localities.

By Thanh Huong, IEC Dept., Central WU