Starting-up the project “Revolving Loan Fund on sanitation and housing improvement”

On June 2006, Da Nang City Women’s Union has deployed the project “Revolving Loan Fund on sanitation and housing improvement”, phase 2 from 2005-2010

The project was set up based o­n financial sources of the “Revolving Loan Fund o­n sanitation” in the frame of the project “Municipal water draining and sanitation” and from financial sources of the project “Investing o­n infrastructure for Da Nang City”. The total amount is 10.15 billion VND, in which 1 billion VND will be used as loans for house building and 9.15 billion VND as loans for building latrines. This project has been implemented throughout 56/56 communes/wards with a loan level of 3 million VND per household for a cycle of 24 months for repairing or building their latrines; from 7 million VND to 10 million VND/household for a cycle of 50 months for improving or rehabilitating their houses with an interest rate of 0,5%.

Municipal contest “Mark 10 Family”

Under the financial support of Cai Lan Cooking Oil Company-Neptune label, in July 9, 2006, Da Nang City Women’s Union organized a municipal level contest “Mark 10 Family” with the participation of 100 families who just got prizes in the above-mentioned contest at 7 districts. The contest brought opportunity for family members to share their responsibilities in house work, to present their skillful talent in food processing and enhance their knowledge o­n making meals for their family to assure necessary nutrition which will in turn contribute to building a “family of prosperity, equality, advancement and happiness” and to maintain the national identify. At the end, 18 families have been chosen to receive the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and encouraging prizes.

Vo Thi Nhung, Da Nang City Women’s Union
Translated by VWU Int’l Relations Dept.