The two-thousandth test-tube baby born in Tu Du Gyno-Obstetrical Hospital

On Sep. 19, 2005, Tu Du Gyno-Obstetrical Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City) announced the birth of the two-thousandth test-tube baby, born to Ms. T.T.M.D, 32 years old.

After using test-tube fertilization technique, Ms. D - infertile before - had a twin delivery: a boy of 2.8 kilos and a girl of 2.9 kilos. The first test-tube baby in Vietnam was born o­n April 30, 1998 in Tu Du hospital and it took 5 years (up to Sep. 2003) for 1,000 test-tube babies to be born. Since then, it took o­nly 2 years (up to Sep. 2005) to achieve the number of 2,000 test-tube babies born. Tu Du hospital is highly appreciated in the world for its achievements in this technique

By Thuy linh