The Vietnamese Women’s Delegation visits Lao PRD

The VWU’s delegation, headed by Mme. Nguyen Phuong Minh – Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union visited Lao from 10 to 14th April, 2006. Representatives from Vietnam Television were also part of the delegation.

The purpose of the visit was to meet with the Lao Women’s Union and Lao related agencies to discuss the content outline of the live TV bridge "Two Sisters". This program is in collaboration and implemented with the Vietnam Women’s Union and Lao Women’s Union. “Two Sisters” will air in Oct, 2006.


Live TV bridge "Two Sisters" is o­ne of the many joint activities between Vietnamese and Lao women commending the active participation, vast contribution and important role of women in the areas of national construction, defense and development. It is also about cultivating and building a special friendship and solidarity between the women and people of Vietnam and Lao.“Two Sisters” also aims to make a significant contribution in disseminating information and educating generations of people about the special friendshipand all-sided cooperation between the two nations which has been cultivated by the Parties, Governments, People and Women. The program will also help all generations to continue preserving this special relationship for the interest of each country as well as the region.


During the visit in Lao, the delegation had various meetings with the Lao Women’s Union, Lao Television, the Lao Department o­n Lao-Vietnam relations, the Overseas Vietnamese Union and the War Veteran Union to name a few.


The delegation’s visit to Lao was successful. The two sides will cooperate closely to carry out the live TV bridge o­n the occasion of the 76th Anniversary of the Vietnam Women’s Union and in greeting the success of Lao Women’s National Congress.

Tran Hoa – Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.