Vietnam Women’s Museum: received objects and conferred “most impressive jewelry” prize

In the morning of March 30, 2006 the Vietnam Women’s Museum in Hanoi solemnly organized a receiving ceremony for the objects presented by members of the UNESCO Club. The UNESCO club is in charge of researching and preserving Vietnam’s antiques.

On this occasion, the Museum also awarded the prize for the “most impressive jewelry” designed, displayed and introduced by students of the Hanoi Industrial Arts University. This took place at the exhibition entitled “Vietnamese Ethnic Group Women’s Jewelry, from tradition to modernity”. This exhibition took place at the Vietnam Women’s Museum from 3rd - 30th March 2006.


Over the past years the Vietnam Women’s Museum has actively researched, collected, supplemented and accomplished a collection of jewelry that are diverse in material and species. They are tasteful and artistic historical objects.


In addition to researching and collecting objects, the Vietnam Women’s Museum has made favorable conditions for students of the Hanoi Industrial Arts University and students in general to visit the museum, study the contents and have a future orientation.


At the ceremony, the Museum received 119 precious objects. These included rings, jewelry and earrings of women from Vietnam different historical periods.


Also at the receiving ceremony, the Organizing Board awarded collectors who presented objects to the Museum and the Museum’s commendation to 21 students who participated in the Exhibition “Vietnamese Ethnic Group Women’s Jewelry, from tradition to modernity”. Three students specialized in traditional jewelry featured at the Traditional Art Department. The Hanoi Industrial Arts University ranks 1st, 2nd and 3rd and received 1,045 votes out of the 5,092 visitors to the Exhibition over the 4 weeks.

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Translated by Int’l Relations Department