Vietnamese Women’s Jewellery

Nearly 1,000 unique pieces of Vietnamese women’s jewellery were displayed at the Vietnam Women’s Museum, highlighting the variation of jewellery over the historical periods, the skills of artisans as well as the delicate aesthetics of Vietnamese women.

The Vietnamese people knew how to make jewellery thousands of years ago and their skill has been more appreciated with every passing day.

In the Stone Age (about 3,000-5,000 years ago), the ancient Viet people made their delicate and high aesthetic jewellery from stones. They included ear-rings of different sizes, types and colours of white, moss-green and ivory-white, and bracelets with various shapes, round, hexagon, rectangle, oval, etc. The face of stone looked smooth with colours of dark green, blue, pink and yellow.

In the Metal Age (3,000 years ago), there appeared diverse bronze jewellery, such as head-belts, brooches, necklaces, belts, bracelets, etc., which showed the development of the jewellery-making art. The head-belt decorated with feathers was considered o­ne of the precious and sacred pieces. Women used to wear it when dancing or singing at festivals or o­n special occasions. The leg-rings and belts were enhanced with small bells which created exciting sounds while walking.

Notably are dozens of bronze mirrors dating back to the 16th -17th century, rich in shapes.

Visiting the exhibition, viewers can see the changes in jewellery and the aesthetics of Vietnamese women over the years
Ảnh minh họa

Story by Nguyen Tuan Long