Women nationwide join hands in COVID-19 prevention and control

In order to promptly support staffs and woman members in provinces/cities experiencing Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the Vietnam Women's Union Presidium has issued a Plan to continue accelerating activities Women nationwide joining hands to fight against Covid-19.
Supporting and connecting consumption of agricultural products by the Vietnam Women’s Union. Photo: Thu Suong

On July 19, 2021, member of the Vietnam Communist Party Central Committee, President of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) Ha Thi Nga also sent an encouragement letter to members, women and staffs of the WUs in 19 southern provinces and cities which are implementing social distancing under Prime Minister's Directive 16.

Recently, the WUs at all levels have implemented various practical activities contributing to the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, namely launching and calling for staffs, members and women nationwide to support affected provinces/cities; actively participating in local supporting works (rice cooking, provision of food, logistics support for frontline forces, etc.); promoting and connecting agricultural products’ consumption for farmers in the affected areas, etc.

Preparing meal for frontline forces by Go Vap WU. Photo: Kim Sang

Typical as follows:

Ca Mau women sent 1.3 tons of dry food to support women in Ho Chi Minh City.

 Packing food to support Ho Chi Minh City on July 17

Sharing and distributing food by Thu Duc WU

In Dong Thap, since the beginning of the year, the WUs at all levels have mobilized an amount of over VND 2.8 billion for COVID-19 prevention and control works. They also sought support from local sponsors to establish the "0 dong mini-markets" including noodles, soy sauce, vegetables, cooking oil, rice...; and women's groups provided essential goods for people in the lockdown area in Cao Lanh district.

Sewing masks for Covid-19 prevention by Dong Thap women

Cooking rice for checkpoints and quarantine areas by Dong Thap women

In Long An, WUs at all levels timely support to take care of children whose parents have to go to quarantine and treatment. The provincial and district-level WUs has also mobilized a total value of more than 250 million VND and 3.4 billion VND respectively for disease prevention.

 Providing vegetables to quarantine and lockdown areas in Ho Chi Minh City

In Bac Ninh, the WUs at all levels collected donation amounted to 10,612,065,000 VND in cash and materials etc. To promote the movement of women helping each other for economic development, in the first 6 months of the year, there were 4,789 women with better economic conditions helping 936 disadvantaged women by lending money, gold, seeds, agricultural materials... approximately VND 6,695000,000. Up to now, all levels of WUs have also supported the consumption of agricultural products, typically in Luong Tai, Que Vo, Bac Ninh city, Tu Son.


Supporting and connecting agricultural products for local farmers by Bac Ninh WU


Translated by VWU International Relations Department