Yen Bai Women’s Union supervised qualities of food hygiene and safety well

To echo the Month of Action for food hygiene and safety, Yen Bai Women’s Union actively cooperated with relevant agencies to prevent food poisoning and food transmitted diseases.

WU at all levels cooperated with People’s Committees, Health Department and relevant agencies to organize 9 meetings to disseminate and communicate information with over 6,000 WU’s members and people. Communication o­n food hygiene and safety was broadcasted through mass media to wards/communes/towns particularly areas concentrated many high risks food processing businesses.


In addition, WU at all levels cooperated with agencies to inspect, examine qualities of food hygiene and safety of food processing and trading businesses, to timely discover and deal with violated cases.


WU at all levels played important role in communication task, raising awareness of managers, producers, trader and customers in food examination process.

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Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.